How to Earn Money

Online travel

Sell travel products on your website with Amazon or Aliexpress drop shipping features.

Google ads

Place google ads on your site to earn per click when visitors click on your displayed ads.

Website advertising

Sell banner displays, text ads and guest blog post to advertisers for monthly rates.

Cruise Deals

Partner with CruiseDirect to display search engine on your site to earn referring cruises.

Local tours

Display local tour companies on your site and charge them monthly for tour ads.

Travel insurance

Make money referring your travelers to get travel insurance.

Vacation home rentals

Add feature to your website to allow people to list their vacation homes for rent for cost.

And so much more!

Bypass headaches & wasted dollars trying to create a web business from scratch and use our lucrative turnkey model that is ready to monetize to your preferences.

Make Money With Travelerrr Automated Travel Booking Site

Discover how to make money promoting real travel companies as a travel affiliate. Major travel companies are willing to pay commission to you to promote them under your own brand. gets you setup with them, with a turnkey automated website for you to offer your travel services online & earn commission!

We have researched, planned, developed, tested and launched our brand new next generation travel booking search engine website for 2019. We are excited to now offer people like you the chance to rebrand our Travel Technology and Turnkey Website Business on your domain name so you can instantly be established in the travel industry with a site that is more appealing to travelers than major brands.

Our white label travel site is setup with some of the highest paying affiliates in the industry for you to get paid using a combination of pay per click monetization and pay per booking to maximize your earnings per visitor you bring to your website. Let us explain, each page on your site will be capable of earning revenue from people:


You have the choice to earn either pay per booking or pay per click for hotels. For pay per booking option you will be partnered with TravelPayouts as your partner and they pay per booking 50-70% per hotel booked. For pay per click option you can go with Wego or HotelsCombined and we will set that up for you to earn up to $0.05-$0.20+ per click.


Earn with TravelPayouts partner or Wego. We can setup either one depending on if you would like to earn Pay Per Click for your travel website or Pay Per Booking for flight bookings. For pay per click you can expect to make 0.05-0.20+ per click for flights. Pay per booking commission is 50% of net profit per booking.

Car rentals

The car rentals partner is VIPcars. They pay you 50-70% net profit per car rental booking booked through your travel website. Pay per booking option is only available for cars search engine. Get account to login, track and withdraw profits.

Cookies Track Commissions

The referral to source suppliers are tracked with cookies for 30 days. Even if your referral comes back direct to supplier site within 30 days of the initial referral, you will still earn commission. This is very important as it is common for customers to book from a future date of the initial search. This will help with your earnings and ensure your marketing that is invested into your site is converting into booking commissions for you.

How Do I Get paid?

All affiliate accounts keep track of all your earnings and can be logged into at anytime to see your daily revenue. When you have earned enough in your accounts you can withdraw earnings to your bank account, sent via check or sometimes send directly over to your paypal account. This is how you get paid for your Pay Per Click and Pay Per Sale commission earnings as a travel affiliate running your own travel search engine site. Site is setup with fully automated revenue system, meaning you can focus your attention on other areas of your online business while website self manages turning visitors into commission earnings for you.