Women Going Solo – Why Traveling Alone is a Great Idea

Women Going Solo-Why Traveling Alone is a Great Idea

Why travel by yourself?

There is nothing wrong with traveling with family and friends. However, this often takes a lot of planning and patience.

The world is Changing.

It is an exciting time to be a woman. There are more opportunities every day and the modern woman can truly define herself by her own rules. One of the things that have changed is that more women are opting to travel by themselves for some very valid reasons.

Most women work very hard and have more responsibilities than ever before

Even though many women are spending longer hours at the office, they still handle the main burden of childcare and housework. This means that the average woman is being pulled in many directions. It is not unusual for many ladies to feel extremely stressed and overworked, as they are often pulled in many directions at once.

The Emotional Baggage of the Vacation often falls on the women.

A whopping 8 out of 10 women actually do all the planning for family vacations with no help from their significant other. This means that often everything is left to the woman and the lady of the house often comes home more exhausted than when she left.

You are not at your best when you are stressed.

Being stressed out is not good for your emotional or physical well being. Women are more likely to have bad stomachs and headaches than men due to long term stress. This could also lead to serious mental health issues like depression, which can seriously hinder your effectiveness in taking care of your family and work obligations.

It is no secret that women often think of themselves last. However, taking a vacation and some time to pamper yourself can actually be the best thing you can do for your loved ones. A solo vacation can help revive your spirits leaving you ready to take on the world when you return from your wonderful adventure.

Let’s not forget all the single ladies.

Not all women are opting for the traditional roles of wife and mother. Many ladies are quite content to go it on their own and vacations should be no exception.

Friends are great fun but traveling alone makes you the master of your own destiny.

There is nothing wrong with traveling with friends. Vacations can be a great bonding experience. However, this also means compromise and sometimes an inability to do what you would like. Perhaps you enjoy scuba diving but none of your girlfriends are interested. This might mean you miss out on some once in a lifetime experiences.

Also, in today’s busy world it is difficult to synchronize everyone’s schedules. By the time your friend can go on the trip perhaps the festival you were hoping to catch is already done. Traveling by yourself ensures that you are on no one’s schedule but your own.

Don’t think female solo travel is only for the very young.

Did you know that the average solo traveler is 54! Just because people get older does not mean that our hearts do not still yearn for adventure. Women age like fine wine and are often just improved versions of younger selves during our golden years.

Use some of that maturity and wisdom to take your dream vacation. There is no better time than retirement and when the kids are finally out of the house. You have had a great life and now it is time to treat yourself to exactly what you want on your vacation.

What about safety?

There is no doubt that safety should always be a traveler’s number one priority, no matter what the gender. People are under the notion that women are more likely to be victims of violent crime but the statistics state otherwise.

Luckily, technology and other societal improvements have made it much safer for a woman to travel by themselves. People can have a good idea of your whereabouts and help is just a text or phone call away.

However, it is always Here are a couple of safety tips for travel that are always a good idea to follow:

Research Your Destination Thoroughly Before Your Trip. …
Keep Your Valuables On You While in Transit. …
Only Take What You Need And Leave The Rest Locked Up. …
Don’t Trust People Too Quickly. …
Watch Your Drinking. …
Blend in as Much as You Can. …
Spend Extra Money on Staying Safe.

At the end of the day, there is no better protection than common sense. Do not let fear keep you from experiencing the solo vacation of your dreams.

How would you like to profit from the ongoing trends of female travel?

Now that you understand why solo female travel is so empowering you might be seeing that this niche could also be a lucrative business opportunity.

This golden age of technology has allowed those who are independent and resourceful to make money in many different ways. The travel industry contributes more than $8.27 TRILLION dollars to the global economy. Business in the travel arena is forecasted to steadily increase every year and really go through the roof by 2030.

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