Ultimate Express Water Adventures in Key West

Key West is a tropical island in the extreme south of Florida, United States and is included among the most amazing travel destinations of the world. Millions of tourists from around the world visit this island for exploration, water sports, deep sea snorkeling and uninterrupted sunbathes. Key West Island is a heavenly place for adventurists and water sports enthusiasts. Here you will get a chance to snorkel amid the wonderful marine creatures, take a chance on a fishing charter in the backcountry waters, canoeing and kayaking and swimming to your heart’s content. The expert instructors and guides are there to assist you at every step.

This year plan a trip to this place akin to paradise and have some fun in the clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The Ultimate Express Water Adventure is a superb 3.5 hour voyage where you will get to do a lot within a short time. Float on the glimmering waters in a 65foot long catamaran which will sail toward the Florida Reef. This place is laden with the most beautiful coral reef of United States. The scenery here is eye soothing and calming. The vibrant coral reefs underwater form the most amazing sight to see and people of all ages love looking at it. You might also catch a glimpse of some unusual water creatures and fishes, sea turtles and dolphins during snorkeling.

Besides this, you’ll get the chance to swim in the warm water, parasail, Jet Ski and kayak during the entertaining journey. During this 3.5 hour trip, make the most of your time and plan beforehand about your activities. The instructions for snorkeling and the equipment are provided to you. The parasailing is a great experience to breathe in the cool fresh air and watch the blurring scenes. The kayak is for the people who love to enjoy a paddling ride around the catamaran. There is also a huge water trampoline and a fantastic floating rock wall that awaits your arrival here! Enjoy your time playing with these water toys with your kids.

For those who do not fancy getting wet, the catamaran is spacious enough to choose a perfect spot and doze off under the shimmering sun and the gorgeous sea atmosphere. The catamaran is the best place to relax in this way while sipping on a beverage or your favorite wine and listening to groovy songs. You can also try your luck with fishing here.

To satiate your hunger, the ship contains a great variety of food such as vegetables and salads, tropical fruits, cheese platter and hummus, delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, tortilla chips with tuna fish dips and a lot more. For the adults there is an exclusive wine and beer collection. For kids there is a wide range of sodas and beverages onboard.

The water sports lovers will certainly enjoy this amazing ultimate adventure. Just be sure you bring your own swimsuits, towels, sun lotions and sun screens, jackets and waterproof cameras and ample energy to dive into a memorable entertainment trip.

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