Travelerrr-Strategies for Becoming a Successful Turnkey Travel Affiliate

Strategies for Becoming a Successful Turnkey Travel Affiliate


This golden age of technology has allowed those who are independent and resourceful to make money in many different ways. The travel industry contributes more than $8.27 TRILLION dollars to the global economy.  Business in the travel arena is forecasted to steadily increase every year and really go through the roof by 2030.


So, how do you get a piece of this great wealth? A person with an entrepreneurial spirit can actually make a tidy profit in this industry with the right tools and attitude.


A way for many types of people from all walks of life to make some great income is by becoming a travel affiliate. A travel affiliate program is a way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals or companies (“affiliates”) who market the company’s products for a commission. Go to our handy article Turnkey Travel Affiliate Business that Fits into Your Life- Selling Travel Packages Online to understand how this is a fantastic business model for earning extra income for smart people who do not have tons of extra time on their hands. Commissions can be based on pay per click or pay per sale.


What type of travel affiliate do you want to be?


The first step is to understand what type of expectations do you have for your business? 

You should first sit down and do the following:



  • Define your business goals
  • Understand your expectations regarding ROI (return on investment)
  • Understand your expectations regarding ROT (return on time)
  • Find your target audience
  • Devise Strategies


  • Find the right partner


Define your business goals.


Is being a travel affiliate a totally passive income or are you someone trying to build a brand and have an established online presence? How involved do you want to be as a travel affiliate? This is a dynamic question that could change. Perhaps at the beginning, you want nothing more than a passive income generator that seems superior to other types of side gigs, like Uber or Postmates. As time moves on you become excited about the potential and become more involved. Alternatively, you might be devoting a lot of time in the beginning to only to later decide that you would rather pursue other avenues (personal or professional) that have come up in your life.


One of the great things about being a travel affiliate is that the business can be as big or small as you need. The only limitations are your own desires.


Understand your expectations regarding ROI (return on investment).


At the end of the day, money is nothing but numbers and numbers never lie. What is your budget for your travel affiliate business? It is important to be realistic and understand that it might take a couple of months to generate a solid income. You always want to be in a position where you are taking more out than putting in. 


The great thing about being a travel affiliate is that the startup costs are relatively modest. This is a business that can be tailored to almost any budget.


Understand your expectations regarding ROT (return on time).


There is no commodity that is more precious than time. We all have a limited amount of minutes and we want to spend them as wisely as possible. The more time you spend on your business the more likely it is to be profitable.


However, one of the advantages of being a travel affiliate is there can be zero drainage on time you want to spend on family, hobbies, or other professional pursuits. It can be a totally passive income in which you create a website and then you set it and forget it. Let the money come in and provide you with a nice extra chunk of change each month.


It can also turn into a real business that you enjoy. Travel and vacations bring some of the happiest times in people’s lives. Many people enjoy being a part of this vibrant industry and turn this passive income into an active professional pursuit. 


Find your target audience.


If you have decided that being a travel affiliate sounds like a great way to make a living, you must understand who you are trying to bring into your site. Is your audience families, single people looking for unique experiences, or even those who want to take a vacation with their pets?


It is a great idea to develop an online brand to target a niche, particularly if you can identify a group that might feel ignored by your competitors. You can become their voice of authority and build a respected presence online.


Devise strategies to reach that target audience.


Now that you identified you want to reach, it is time to figure out the best paths for you to reach your goals.


Website Design


First, have a website that will appeal to your audience. If you are targeting families with younger children perhaps you want fun colors and print out coloring book pages. This would be very different than a website that is targeting wine connoisseur which might contain beautiful pictures of Napa Valley or the French countryside.


Content, Content, Content.


Nothing will draw in your target audience better than having great content. It will also help you mold your business to suit the needs of your customers. You will begin to get an understanding of your clients’ interests and tastes.




Once you begin to know your target audience you will be able to put out marketing and promotions that really will catch their attention.


Social Media and Other Marketing Opportunities.


Make sure you engage your audience on multiple levels.


The following are methods of engaging your audience and getting great feedback:



  • Testimonials
  • Links
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.
  • Surveys and polls, feedback and comments, interaction.



Find the Right Partner.


Travelerrr is the affiliate travel partner that you need to make your business as large or compact as you need. You can have a total turnkey operation that generates a nice passive income or they can help you step into the exciting world of travel. Contact them today for a free consultation and let your dreams become a reality.


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