The Travel Industry Will Bounce Back From the Corona Virus

Being a travel agent is still a great way to earn money

It is understandable that many people are scared right now. People are quarantined and travel has come to a halt for many people. 

We all understand that for the short term, nonessential travel must be kept to a minimum for health and safety reasons. However, there is much reason to actually be optimistic about the future of the travel industry.

The stimulus package will help the travel industry.

The new stimulus package will definitely help us get through the tough times.

There is a chance that $500 billion dollars will help bail out the airline industry. The money could also be used for cruise lines, casinos, and hotels.

It will also give travelers confidence that their reservations and deposits will not get wiped by a company filing for bankruptcy.

The package will also allow companies to pay employees so they will not have to lose their jobs. This includes everyone from luggage handlers to the pilots of airplanes. The government understands that tourism and travel are incredibly important factors to nurture a healthy economy.  The industry employs one in five people globally and creates 7 million jobs all over the world.

Many Travel Start-Ups are actually well-financed against the crises.

The travel sector has always been an area that encouraged innovation and nurtured new technologies. Many start-ups and apps deal primarily with travel. Even though there has been a downturn, Venture Capital firms still have confidence in these innovative young companies. This is a strong sign that many in the financial sectors have faith that the travel industry will recover from the recent setbacks caused by the virus.

The Pandemic will not last forever and people will be wanting to travel.

Let’s not forget that before the coronavirus, 2020 was actually shaping up to be one of the strongest travel years ever. There is strong indication that demand could definitely come back stronger than ever.

People will be tired of being cooped up in one place and the population will experience a natural type of wanderlust. There will also be a renewed sense of optimism as people understand life is short and they will naturally want to experience the joys that come with travel.

There is evidence that at least 58 percent of Americans have travel plans between May and September 2020. At first, people will avoid big cities and relying on public transportation. It is likely that a good percentage will keep it mostly domestic until conditions calm down. So there will definitely be a bounce-back once the virus is contained. 

The Travel industry has historically bounced back strongly after disasters.

It is important to remember that this is not the only pandemic or disaster that occurred. The travel industry has been incredibly resilient in the face of great challenges such as SARS and 9/11.

Things might seem gloomy at the moment but the future really does hold endless possibilities and this is an industry that has never stayed down for long. It has rebounded powerfully from whatever nature or man has thrown at it because people will always want to travel, particularly after experiencing something traumatic. 

Humans have a natural need to explore and interact with others. There will always be anniversaries, birthdays, and many other special events that people will always want to celebrate with travel.

Remember that everyone wants travel to resume.

Health and safety will always be the number one priority. However, once everyone is cleared, many destinations will be aggressively marketing their travel packages with discounts. 

It will actually be a great time to be a travel agent as now they can offer packages to families that give them much greater value when compared to rates before the Corona Virus. People might actually have much better options.

The Corona Virus will actually make the industry stronger.

It is inevitable that some businesses might go out of business due to this crisis. However, times of hardship often allow the cream to rise to the top. There were some in the industry that had failed to keep up with the changing times.

It is sad but those businesses that were not performing up to standard probably will the culled by the competition during these hard times. It is a truth in capitalism that those who can not keep up will eventually fall behind.

However, this is good news for you as a travel agent. This means that your customers are going to be much less likely dissatisfied with the special arrangement that you work so hard to make for them. This coupled with the rising value of packages will really help your business soar once the quarantines are lifted

The future is actually looking quite bright.

So in conclusion, the Corona Virus will not hurt travel in the long rung. It is just one of many crises and the industry has always been very resilient and bounced back strong from all the disasters thrown at it.

The travel industry is very important to the economy and governments of the world will do anything to stimulate tourism and not lose out on billions of dollars.

People will be wanting to travel quite badly once the virus scare dies down. A travel agent will be able to offer competitive deals that will give their customers great value. The vendors that stay in business will be stronger and many of the weaker players will be eliminated.

This means that being a travel agent will continue to be a lucrative side gig or career for those with the fortitude to ride out the tough times.

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