The Future Of Travel

Go Big Or Stay Home

Even with pandemic economic turmoil and the loss of jobs, many travelers are planning huge vacations that are bigger and longer than ever before. It makes sense since the pandemic has taught people that life can be short and we should enjoy it as much as we can. People are also being more daring by planning to visit places like the Maldives or Abu Dhabi and are no longer as intimidated by exotic locales. Cruises are gearing up on their long 21 day trips to places as varied as Scotland and Iceland.

A Stockpile of Points, Cash, And Credit

Many families have saved money during the pandemic by staying at home. This includes cooking their meals and ordering online as compared to going out to stores. Online shopping has allowed them to build up quite an impressive amount of points or credits that can often be used in travel. These consumers will be wanting to cash in these rewards programs with a fantastic vacation. There are also vouchers from canceled trips that they were unable to take in the past year.

Travel Dreams

After spending a year enclosed in their homes, people are more than ready to resume traveling. A whopping 82 percent of travelers want to travel in 2021 and many have stated that they have a new appreciation for traveling. This will mean that millions and billions of dollars will be pumped into the travel industry.

People are even doing “do-over” vacations to celebrate missed special occasions. One can compare it to how the 2020 Olympics are being held in 2021. 

Travel sites are becoming more popular as people want their much-needed vacations to be planned with expert care and precision. However, some things have changed and travelers need to be aware of the new regulations.

New Rules Of Travel

There will still be many precautions that will still be in place after the pandemic. Middle seats in planes will remain empty. Hotels have onsite testing so people can be sure they are well. Some places are letting families buyouts to ensure the wellbeing of the group that is traveling together. There still might be fewer rideshare and Airbnb opportunities as people are still reluctant to drive or rent to strangers. Cruises will now require all their passengers to be vaccinated after the nightmare situations that happened during the pandemic.

Travel Insurance

People used to rarely get travel insurance because the risk was so low that everything would be canceled. However, it is smart to purchase insurance in our new reality. Reservations can get canceled in the last minutes as borders open and close with infections statistics. Travel insurance will also cover the emergency medical cost in case you get sick while on vacation in another country. Some insurance companies are adding or excluding benefits due to Covid so make sure you read the fine print.

What About Safety?

There is no doubt that safety should always be a traveler’s number one priority, no matter what the situation. People are under the notion that women are more likely to be victims of violent crime but the statistics state otherwise.

Luckily, technology and other societal improvements have made it much safer for a woman to travel by themselves. People can have a good idea of your whereabouts and help is just a text or phone call away.

However, it is always Here are a couple of safety tips for travel that are always a good idea to follow:

  • Research Your Destination Thoroughly Before Your Trip. …
  • Keep Your Valuables On You While in Transit. …
  • Only Take What You Need And Leave The Rest Locked Up. …
  • Don’t Trust People Too Quickly. …
  • Watch Your Drinking. …
  • Blend in as Much as You Can. …
  • Spend Extra Money on Staying Safe.

At the end of the day, there is no better protection than common sense. Do not let fear keep you from experiencing the solo vacation of your dreams.

Let’s Not Forget Revenge Travel

Revenge travel is a relatively new term that describes how many people are handling the post-pandemic world. Many people had to miss out on life-altering experiences due to Covid 19 and now want to settle the score. They are now making the wedding that they had to cancel in 2020 a giant destination wedding in Hawaii. Friends who have not seen each other in a year are now planning fantastic girls’ trips to island-hop in the Caribbean.

Most people do not know where to get the best deals.

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