The Coronavirus Will Not Keep Travel Down Forever

There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel

We at Travelerrr understand that these can be scary times for our travel affiliates. However, there will always be a desire and need for people to travel and that will never change. Traveling is an essential component of effective thinking.  Seeing new places expands our minds and improves our lives.

Remember This Is Not The First Time This Has Happened

The Spanish Flu killed 50 million people around the world in 1918, yet, had a surprisingly small economic impact. It taught us that the world will bounce back fairly quickly as long as most people endure some short term economic hardships. It is not an accident that this time period was followed by the roaring twenties, a period of unprecedented economic prosperity. This was because people did not take life for granted and wanted to cherish every moment by traveling and exploring.

Social Distancing Has Only Increased The Desire To Travel

Staying at home doing work and school has only made people want to get out more. Cabin fever is even more pronounced because very few people can go out and enjoy themselves this moment. When it is safe to travel, many are going to want to finally go on a vacation that they missed out on due to the virus. A poll taken in late March showed that almost  58 percent of  American leisure travelers will be going on vacation once it is safe to do so.

There Will Be A Lot Of Great Deals

As a travel affiliate, you will be able to give your clients some amazing value that was just not available before the outbreak. We are talking about brand name places with great reputations that might now be much more accessible to the average traveler.  These deals will be very attractive and cause a lot of traffic to come to your site.

The Virus Will Take Out Those That Were Giving the Industry A Bad Name

It is important for us at Travelerrr to make sure you affiliate with businesses that have a good reputation in the industry. There are some companies that have been taking advantage of a bloated model that will not make it through these tough times. This means that the industry itself will get stronger as low-level competitors are taken out of the equation which is great news for you as an affiliate. Your website will benefit from this shedding of bottom feeders and become a stronger resource for your customers.

The Virus Will Actually Help Grease The Wheels of Capitalism

It is inevitable that some businesses might go out of business due to this crisis. However, times of hardship often allow the cream to rise to the top. There were some in the industry that had failed to keep up with the changing times.

It is sad but those businesses that were not performing up to standard probably will be culled by the competition during these hard times. It is a truth in capitalism that those who can not keep up will eventually fall behind.

However, this is good news for you as a travel affiliate. This means that your customers are going to be much less likely dissatisfied with the special arrangement that you work so hard to make for them. This coupled with the rising value of packages will really help your business soar once the quarantines are lifted

The Travel industry has historically bounced back strongly after disasters.

It is important to remember that this is not the only pandemic or disaster that occurred. The travel industry has been incredibly resilient in the face of great challenges such as SARS and 9/11.

Things might seem gloomy at the moment but the future really does hold endless possibilities and this is an industry that has never stayed down for long. It has rebounded powerfully from whatever nature or man has thrown at it because people will always want to travel, particularly after experiencing something traumatic. 

Humans have a natural need to explore and interact with others. There will always be anniversaries, birthdays, and many other special events that people will always want to celebrate with travel.

The Coronavirus Might Actually Improve Airline and Hotel Policies

In order to attract more customers, many airlines and hotels might actually loosen their policies on cancelation and rescheduling.

For the longest time, booking an airline ticket meant all things had to be in place because there were no refunds after a twenty-four hour grace period. This put a lot of pressure on the traveler.

 Airlines might now adopt more flexible policies to attract travelers who might be wary of making plans otherwise. Needless to say, this is great news for travel affiliates who can capitalize on these newer more open policies. People will be much more likely to travel now that the rules are not so rigid. The same will also be true for hotels.

Overall Cleanliness And Sanitation Will Be Improved

The Coronavirus has made us all aware of the importance of sanitation and cleanliness. Airlines, cruise ships, and hotels will have to increase their standards of cleanliness in order to attract future travelers. This could include testing the health of every single person boarding and providing face masks and sanitizers for everyone. Employees could also be required to wear gloves and makss. The airlines could also offer varying degrees of distance between people or more privacy with things like curtains.

This could lead to more privacy and comfort for the average traveler. It will also help to make sure that hotel rooms and cruise ships have been thoroughly inspected and cleaned in order to make the spread of dangerous diseases far less likely.

Travelerrr Understands Your Concerns

Times might look tough at the moment but being a travel affiliate is still a great way to earn extra income. We are all in this together and we are honored to be your partner even when the going gets a little tough. Travelerrr will always be your resource for all things related to the virus and any other concerns. We know that success is right around the corner.

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