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We understand that the pandemic is making things tough right now and nonessential travel has been halted in the short term. However, traveling is a wonderful part of life and one day we will be resuming being able to go to different places to enrich our lives. Travelerrr is doing this travel dreams series to highlight the amazing travel options available once the travel bans have been lifted.

Canada Is Extremely Underrated As A Travel Destination

Most people do not understand that  Canada is an amazingly beautiful and diverse county. We have compiled a list of cities and festivals for you to check out for a fantastic travel experience that you will never forget.

The Canadian Carnival 

People do not often think about Carnival being associated with a North American Country primarily known as the “Great White North”.

However, each Summer the city of Toronto becomes filled with the colorful sights and sounds of the Islands. The Toronto Caribbean Carnival is actually the largest celebration of Caribbean culture and history on the continent.

Beautiful parades of people celebrating their heritage will thrill any traveler. The costumes would rival any place in the world and you will get to experience a literal smorgasbord of many different types of delicious Caribbean food. The Toronto Carnival will make a great destination for all of us that need a little joy after the pandemic.

Speaking Of Toronto

The capital of Ontario is the most populous city in Canada. It offers visitors an amazing variety of activities and experiences. Starting with the CN Tower, which is the tallest freestanding structure in the Western Hemisphere.  This architectural wonder gives the city’s skyline a distinctive look and provides great dining and entertainment.

The Royal Ontario Museum boasts of amazing galleries of archaeology, natural science, and art. The museum has plenty of hands-on exhibits that allow the experience to be both enjoyable and educational.

You can then visit the Eaton Centre for some fantastic shopping. They have everything from high-end boutiques to more casual places for those looking for a great bargain.

Montreal Is Magnifique

Few people realize that Montreal is the second-largest French-speaking city in the world. Founded in 1642, Montreal offers an amazingly unique Canadian experience.

The Rue Sherbrooke is home to many amazing museums along with the Centre-ville downtown areas. You can then go shopping at Rue Ste-Catherine which has many department stores and shops. Asking for a good restaurant will get you strange stares, as most of the restaurants in this city are excellent. 

The charming cobblestone streets of Vieux-Montreal is a lovely homage to the city’s colorful history. You might think of Paris when strolling along the lovely Rue St. Denis with its adorable sidewalk cafes. Montreal will definitely steal your heart and make you want to come back for more.

Painting The Walls

Who says that art has to be boring? Montreal hosts the MURAL Festival every June.

The city actually invites local and international artists to paint giant large scale art installations on building facades located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard.  Many other cities would call this graffiti but Montreal welcomes this type of spontaneous creativity.

You can enjoy watching the murals being painted while eating some famously delicious Montreal barbeque. This festival really provides an incredibly fun experience.

The Beauty Of Vancouver

If you are an outdoor enthusiast then Vancouver is the perfect place for you to visit. The climate is surprisingly temperate and lots of rainfall ensure plenty of lush green spaces for you to explore. Stanley Park boasts of a whopping 1,000 acres!

For those of you who enjoy a great thrill, take a walk on the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which is suspended 230 feet above the river of the same name.

After spending the days in the great outdoors, you can chill at the trendy restaurants and boutiques located in Yaletown. Many travelers love the cocktail lounge at the OPUS Hotel, even if they are not staying there. Vancouver can definitely be considered one of the most impressive modern cities in North America.


You can not talk about visiting Canada without mentioning one of the greatest ski resorts in the world. Whistler is located just a little north of Vancouver, British Columbia This small town is home to Whistler Blackcomb, which is a virtual heaven for skiers and snowboarders.

The resort is so impressive that it actually hosted the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. This means that they also offer snowshoeing, tobogganing, and great ski jumping in an area called the Olympic Park. 

Whistler is definitely a premier destination for those who love winter sports. It also offers a beautiful chalet-style pedestrian village for year-round fun.

Ottawa, The Capital of Canada

Just east of Montreal you will find the capital of Canada, called Ottawa. This is really the best place to visit to find out more about the great history of Canada.

In the center of the city, you will be awed at the magnificent gothic revival buildings that make up Parliament Hill. The National Gallery of Canada houses an impressive collection of indigenous art, which is a nod to the rich heritage of the native populations of Canada.

The Rideau Canal is lined with beautiful parks and is home to one of the largest outdoor ice skating rinks in the world, which is open 24 hours. When not frozen over, the canal is a picturesque place that is filled with boats.

Ottawa is an incredibly diverse city. Visitors can sample foods from Lebanon, China, Viet Nam, France, and Italy. No trip to Canada would be complete without a visit to this wonderfully diverse and historical capital.

Oh, Canada

We have just touched on the tip of the iceberg about some of the wonderful things about Canada. This North American country is a prime destination for visitors from all over the world. A fun fantastic trip to Canada is just what we need to get out of all of our social distancing worries.

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