Travel Affiliate Program Review

This is an extensive review on Dohop Travel Affiliate Program.

dohoplogonew is an established travel brand that offers affiliates to sell travel with their API search engines. You can use dohop as your white label partner and look like you are selling travel. Dohop specializes in selling flights. They are a hub that connects multiple travel providers and compares them in one simple search.

Benefits of Dohop affiliate program — The benefits are the ease of getting started with them. You signup free from their site and get affiliate account instantly to start earning selling flights. Dohop compares multiple travel providers and brings back the lowest price search results so this is definitely an advantage to using their program. Your visitors are getting a quality travel searching experience and finding the best price for their flight tickets.

Negatives of Dohop affiliate program — They cant book flight and hotel together with them as well as the affiliate is not known for paying the most to its affiliates. You need volume traffic to make it a success. Dohop is great to add in on a website that is monetized in other ways and use their search engine to attract traffic by being able to offer some of the lowest prices on flights online.

Why to use Dohop?

Its easy to get setup with Dohop, free with no charges ever. You can get the code to add to your site and start selling travel flights for free. Earn pay per click and pay per booking which was newly introduced to the companies affiliate program. They use to only offer pay per click but now offer to pay more on confirmed bookings.

Why not to use Dohop?

You will have to take into account because of the setup of the business model one needs massive amounts of volume traffic to make a nice return with Dohop affiliate program.

How to get setup?

To get setup with them you simple go to

Earning Commission Amounts?

To learn about commission payouts you can contact their team directly at affiliate (@) dohop (dot) com. They also share more details on their website.

Dohop is a good affiliate program to add to your travel products selection when starting online travel business to offer your visitors some of the lowest flight prices on the web.

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